Monday, January 2, 2017

Rare Item Monday! + Blog Changes.

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Before I continue I just wanted to say Happy New Year!! I hope this year will be a great one! Do you have anything to look forward to this year? Comment down below if you do! But before I get to the RIM, I wanted to talk about some changes that may happen with my blog. And about hitting 3,000 views!

I'm going to try and post three times a week. One post will be AJ related, it will be the weekly RIM post. And the other two will most likely be non AJ related. That may change if I find something on AJ to post about. But this will likely be how I post. If you're wondering, what will I post on the non AJ related days, it will probably be stuff I'm interested in at the moment. Or stuff I like to do. I don't really want to say a whole lot, because I really don't know myself. But we will see as I go! I'm also going to start posting by these set days:

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. If these days start to not work, I will change the days.  But i wI hope I didn't disappoint anyone with these blog changes. I have not used my poll since October, but for this year I plan to use it regularl

 But with all the said, lets get on with todays RIM!

Todays RIM is the Rare Moon Necklace! It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing. It is located on the nineteenth page of the clothing items. It is for sale for 650 gems and it is non member! The color scheme is purple, blue, and yellow.

I really like this item! It is a recolored item, but the colors work well together! It is also reasonably priced at 650 gems. The past recent RIM'S have been quite high, so that's a plus! Make sure you pick up you're Rare Moon Necklace today!

As always. Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


  1. :) Thanks so much for doing this!
    I'll try even harder to get the name of this blog out!
    *King Tough Bunny

  2. I like this RIM,
    1. it's NM!
    2. I like the way it looks!
    3. I like the colors too!
    *King Tough Bunny

  3. btw Cool Cat,
    do you know how to take pictures, and put them on the blog?
    This is just an idea.
    but putting pictures in a post, I don't know, it kinda makes it more lively!
    *King Tough Bunny