Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beginner/Non-Member's Guide

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And today I will be sharing a tip for both Non-Member's and beginner's! My first tip will be about how to earn gem's quickly! A very easy way to earn gems quickly is to play adventures! It is much easier to earn gems by playing adventures rather than games. Note: If you play The Return of the Phantom's on hard mode you have a chance at getting rares! Okay, so first you look up at the top left corner of your Animal Jam screen, and you click the icon that has a green balloon with a yellow and purple party hat. Then you will see at the very top there will be a tab that says adventures, click that. Then you will be taken to a place called the Adventure Base Camp. Note: If you do not have a adventure level you will have to click the very first portal you see called the training grounds, and go through the easy training steps. Okay once you are leveled up you may start your adventure's! Sadly Non-Member's can only play three different adventures: The Return of the Phantom's, The Phantom Portal, and Meet Cosmo. For the Return of the Phantom's you must be at least level one to do easy mode, and level two to do hard mode. For The Phantom Portal you must be at least level two to do easy mode, and level three to do hard mode. And then lastly for Meet Cosmo you must be at least level two to do easy mode, and level three to do hard mode. I hope my tip helped Beginner's and Non-Member's! Check back often for more tips!

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