Sunday, July 24, 2016

Animal Jam Update!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I'm sorry I am a few day's late on this post. Anyways, I will just jump right in! This was a rather big update cause we had a new animal come into the Animal Jam community! And that animal were Sloths! Since doing pictures on my blog glitch for some reason I will read the pages of the Jamaa Journal. Page one reads:

SLOTHS ARE HERE! The HEARTSTONE has been returned and SLOTHS have come to Jamaa! Visit the Diamond Shop and become one of these AMAZING ANIMALS today! I will also be giving my Sloth review at the end of this post.

The first half of page two reads: Do you hear that SOUND? It must be PET HUMMINGBIRDS, the awesome FLYING PETS that have returned to Jamaa! Let's all be honest with ourselves now... Did you even know pet hummingbirds left? I know I didn't! Or maybe they have just been gone for a while... The second half of page two reads: PRINCESS OUTFIT. This BEAUTIFUL outfit comes in 5 PIECES and is perfect for any Jammer who wants to feel like a PRINCESS. Total cost for the whole set: Nine Diamonds.

The first half of page three reads: JAMAAILDAYS IN JULY. If you need a BREAK from the summer HEAT, check your PARTY LIST on JULY 24th-28th for the JAMAAILDAY JAM, Jamaa's awesome, snowy celebration! The second half of page three reads: And while your partying at the Jamaailday Jam, be sure to ADOPT a fun-loving PET REINDEER! I have not been to the party recently but I'm sure it's just the same as it is in December. Make sure you also adopt a pet reindeer if you don't have one already! They are super cute!

The first half of page four reads: You only have a FEW MORE WEEKS to COLLECT resources and CRAFT items in Graham's Workshop, the fun Adventure for ALL JAMMERS! I better start collecting some RESOURCES and CRAFTS before they all go away! The second half of page four reads: PLAYER ICONS IN YOUR DEN. You can now use the SETTINGS menu to SHOW or HIDE the new ICONS that show where other JAMMERS are in your den! Honestly, I'm so glad they did this. Yeah, it can be helpful, but having it on all the time can be annoying.

The first half of page five reads: TRAVLING CHEETAHS. And just like that, the CHEETAHS of Jamaa have SPEED OFF! We wish them the best on all their TRAVLES! I have mixed feelings on ''Traveling animals and pets'' I feel its a great way to keep things new and fresh in the game. But I also feel its more of a way to make extra money. Hence, you want a cheetah, don't have diamonds, want a cheetah, boom. You need to buy diamonds. But I do understand Animal Jam is a company that needs to keep money flowing to keep the game running. The second half of page five reads: We will all MISS the cheetahs of Jamaa while they're gone, but don't be too sad: we just heard that Jamaa's KANGAROOS will be returning SOON! Again... They have been gone for how long? Six months? I think mostly everybody has forgotten about them until this update!

The sixth page reads: DID YOU KNOW? ...that sloths spend almost their entire lives HANGING UPSIDE-DOWN from tree branches?

...that even thought they have a hard time moving on the ground, they are EXCELLENT SWIMMERS?

...that some sloths can turn their heads almost ALL THE WAY AROUND?

...that AJHQ adopted a sloth from a sanctuary in Costa Rica, and you can watch a video about it in Jammer Central? I actually had no idea about the last one! So cool!! Make sure you check out the video in Jamaa Township!

 The seventh, and last page reads: You can get your very own PET MEERKAT and exclusive DEN ITEMS for FREE when you redeem any Animal Jam Retail Gift Card! Visit ANIMALJAM.COM/GIFT_CARD to see where retail gift cards are available near you.

And that's basically it for the update! Here is my review on the update as a whole: I give it about a 8. And here is my sloth review!

I think they are really cool! The sloths are like no animal we have had before. But they do have some quirks. Depending on the look you want to use it can be really hard to make outfits with. And you can make creepy outfits really easy with this look. I have not tried out to many different outfits to give a full outfit review. Comment below if you would like that with all future animals and current ones! It seems like when it walks, it walks on its arms. Which seems a bit weird. My favorite actions are the play and sleep! The play action is of the sloth swinging from bars!

And that's it for this update! There should be pictures in all my future posts!! I will see you soon with my next episode of Necklace to Spike challenge soon too! Until next time! Bye, Jammers! And ~Jam On!~

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