Monday, August 28, 2017

Rare Item Monday! + Question Of The Day!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Before I start with todays RIM post, I have decided that each week I will ask you guys a random question, and you can answer in the comments! I will also be answering my own questions each week!

QOTD: How many pets do you have, if any at all?

AOTD: I have five pets. One dog and four cats.

 I look forward to making this a weekly thing! Now onto todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Fry Hat!

It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing. It can be found on the 16th page in the clothing store. It is for sale for 900 gems and it is for members only. The colors of this hat are white, blue, and yellow.

Thoughts: I have mixed feelings on this weeks Rare Item Monday. I really do like it! Its just the color mixture that I find odd. The fries are blue, they are dripping white stuff that looks to be mayo, and the fry container is yellow! AJHQ really went out of the box with this one, in a very silly way! I do think in a weird way the colors kind of work together. If you ever need to dress up as a fast food worker, this is the item for you!

Overall I rate this weeks Rare Item Monday a 7!

Comment down below what you think of this weeks Rare Item Monday!

Here is todays verse!

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

As always, bye Jammers! And ~Jam On!~

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