Sunday, December 3, 2017

25 Days Of Blogmas! My Faves From Candle Day: Day 3

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Welcome to day three of 25 days of Blogmas! For todays post I thought I would share some of my favorite finds from candle day! I also thought I would share some of my least favorite finds.

Favorite finds:

#1 Pink Petal Tea Cake

This was probably one of the most popular candles on candle day yesterday, which is why I waited in line before the sun came up with about 50 other people just to get in the store! I had never smelt it before, but I had heard wonderful  things about it. This candle came out sometime in 2014 and hasn't been back since. This was before I started buying candles so I missed out on it then, but because it was so popular Bath And Body Works brought it back for the sale!

The scent notes on this candle are rose petals, fluffy cake, and orange essential oils. It is a soft wonderful unique scent! When I first smelled it I could see why its a favorite! It fills up my bedroom not long after burning it. The fluffy cake is not as prominent as the rose petals and orange essential oils.

 Warm Cup Of Cocoa:

This candle smells very similar to  the hot cocoa and cream candle, but I can tell it is different.  The scent notes of warm cup of cocoa are milk chocolate, steamed milk, and nutmeg essential oil. The warm cup of cocoa candle has more of a Christmas spice to it, while hot cocoa and cream has more of a creamy marshmallow smell to it.  The scent notes to hot cocoa and cream are decadent milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk, and mini marshmallows.  Both are great candles and you couldn't go wrong with either one of them!

Merry Cookie:

  This was also a very popular candle yesterday. I had it on my list to get but I didn't even think my store would have it. It was super limited during the sale. I was the fifth person in line before my store opened and Merry Cookie was one of the first things I grabbed. There were only about 10 of them when I got mine, and only 2 were left by the time I was finished at checkout.

This is probably my favorite Christmas scent I picked out during the sale! The scent notes of this candle are  fresh baked cookies, sparkling sugar crystals, and rich vanilla. It smells just like a freshly baked sugar cookie!  I plan on burning this scent on Christmas eve.

Frosted Cranberry:

This candle smells so good! The scent notes on this candle are iced cranberries and orange essential oils.  This wasn't as popular as pink petal tea cake and merry cookie, but it was still pretty popular! At checkout I seen a woman hand a cashier about four or five of them! I will admit that while I did get one, I was a bit hesitant to do so. But once I got home and burned it I loved it! It is a nice strong scent without being overpowering.

Now that I shared some of my favorite finds, I will be sharing a few of my not so favorite finds...

Not so great finds:

Girl Gang (Pink Bubble Gum):

Like pink petal tea cake, pink bubble gum came out sometime in 2014 and hasn't been back for sale since. This was another candle that had people standing in line to make sure they got  ahold of it, myself included!

Because it was so popular it came back for this years candle sale. I had it on my list even though I had never smelled it. I was sure I was going to like it, but once I smelled it I didn't like it at all. It had an overly sweet generic bubble gum smell to it. It was a pass for me.

Merry Mimosa:

This wasn't a popular candle like the others I have mentioned, but still fairly popular! I was smelling so many candles that when I smelled this one I couldn't really smell it, but put it in my basket anyways because the store was getting more crowded and I was trying to get outta there!

 By the time I got home and smelled it again, I couldn't believe what I was smelling. It was so strong my throat started to burn right after smelling it. It was a good smelling candle, but it was way too strong for me. I ended up exchanging this one later that evening for another pink petal tea cake candle.

Cinnamon Rum Raisin:

I actually picked up this one while I was returning merry mimosa. Its in the same collection as the pink petal tea cake and warm cup of cocoa.  On a cold sniff it smells AMAZING! It smells like a cinnamon raisin donut, or cinnamon raisin toast.  But when I got home and burned it, it had absolutely no throw at all. I was so disappointed! I will be exchanging this candle soon.

Now I am going to name a few honorable mentions!

Tokyo Petals:

This is a very pretty smelling scent! It would be perfect to burn during the spring.

Grapefruit Gin Fizz:

This smell just like a fizzy soda! It has a fruity fizzy smell which I loved!

I hope you enjoyed todays post! Hopefully this will be helpful to someone looking for some great Christmas candles! All of the candles I mentioned were not Christmas candles, but most were! Comment down below what candle I mentioned sounds the best!

Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

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