Monday, August 15, 2016

Sorry For No Recent Posts! Rare Item Monday! And A Summer Challenge! Plus a Necklace To Spike Challeneg Update!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! This is probably my first post with this long of a title....  I'm sorry for no posts last week. I went to post about last weeks Rare Item Monday and my internet crashed! And last week was busy. But I'm here now!

So todays Rare Item Monday is a Rare Guitar! It can be found in Jam-Mart Clothing for 950 gems. That seems pretty pricey for Jam-Mart Clothing.. The color scheme is red and purple. It is also members only. I like this item! Not love it, but its okay! My personal favorite musical instrument AJHQ has released were the Rare Drums! Animal Jam has released three different musical instruments in the past three weeks. Hmm... Could that mean a musical change is coming to Jamaa?

Onto my random summer challenge! Last summer I had a summer challenge on my friends blog. Lets just say it didn't turn out to well... The goal was to get one million tickets before the end of summer. And I only made it too 250,000 tickets. So I thought why not try it again! With a smaller goal of course. So the goal this time will be to get 75,000 tickets before the end of summer. I know we can do it!! Comment down below if you will being doing this. Also comment your progress! 

Now onto the Necklace To Spike Challenge Update. I have been trading recently and nobody had accepted my trade! I will keep trying though. And I will give you guys an update as soon as I upgrade my item.

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


  1. I would read this more if there were more post plz try to keep up, :)

  2. So are you going to AJ Art?
    King Tough Bunny
    (btw check out the Animal jam Whip IT'S SO COOL I CAN'T GET OVER IT!)

  3. Yes I will be featuring cool art on my blog! I have not done it yet because I can't post pictures. But I am getting that fixed this week! It's hard for me to do posts with no pictures, so that's why there have been no posts. But that will change shortly! I look forward to being able to bring you better posts! :)

  4. I also have sort of had writers block. With writing for two other blogs as well, its harder for me to have blogging ideas. But I have been having ideas just flood to me! So stay tuned for those! :)