Monday, August 7, 2017

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I am sorry for the late post today, I forgot to do it earlier!

This weeks Rare Item Monday is the Rare Burger Hat! It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing. It can be found on the 11th page in the clothing store. It is for sale for 950 gems and it is for members only. The colors of this item are purple and orange.

Thoughts: I really like this weeks Rare Item Monday! I think that its a super fun, quirky item I didn't expect to see! It would be perfect for a silly outfit or a fashion show! I do feel it is maybe 50 to 100 gems overpriced, but overall I love it!

Overall I give this weeks Rare Item Monday a 9.5!

I'm also sorry for a short post, I am very tired from my busy day!

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