Friday, October 2, 2015

New Update!

Hey Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And today I will be going over the update! Okay so onto the first page.

On the very first page I am VERY happy to announce that Bitter Sweet's is back!! It is my favorite adventure of all time. Sometime this month I will go more in depth about it. But on the page it say's: The phantom's have been stealing load's of CANDY, and it's up to the brave PET'S of Jamaa to get it back in this awesome ADVENTURE that is for ALL JAMMER'S!

On the first half of the second page it say's the EPIC HAUNTED MANOR is the perfect DEN for Jammers who like creepy rooms, haunted trees, and other SPOOKY SURPRIES! Now this just isn't the same old den. This den is new and improved! The outside has ALOT more space, and the inside has an extra room, and a creepy new basement! Then on the other half of the second page, it talks about the Phantom Vortex! It say's Enter one of these mysterious PORTALS if you have what it takes to visit a PHANTOM VORTEX, play the fun Phantom GAME and earn a cool PRIZE! I have not yet tried the new game and I don't know what the prize is, when I do I will make a post on that as well.

Okay! On the first half of the third page it say's the Spooky Party is back! It say's: If you are looking for ghostly SECRETS, Chilling MUSIC, and awesome spooky ITEMS, then the SPOOKY PARTY is for you! Then on the second half of the third page it say's, PET BATS have returned to Jamaa! Rumor has it these FLYING PETS are HIDING somewhere in the SPOOKY PARTY... I think they are at the top of the party behind the sale den items I THINK.

Okay so on the first half of page four it announces there is a new game icon! It says: Now you can click on the new GAME ICON at the top of your screen to play EVERY GAME in Jamaa! I personally really love the new feature! Okay so on the second half of the fourth page it announces the arrival of the new Theater Shop! It say's Visit the Sarepia Theater and check out all the amazing MOVIE THEATER den items in the new THEATER SHOP! And the shop consists of the Movie Theater den contest den items!

Okay then on the first half of page five it talk's about Wolf Awareness Week. It says: Become a WOLF and LEARN all you can to show your support for these AMZING animals! Okay so on the other half of the page it says October fourth is WORLD ANIMAL DAY, a day where people all over the world celebrate ALL ANIMALS!

And then on the sixth and last page it is reminding everyone that you only have TWO WEEKS to buy a Animal Jam retail gift card to redeem a Pet Ferret and the den items that come with it.

And that's all the news for today Jammers! Bye! And Jam On!

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