Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day! (Picture)

Hey Jammer's!  CoolCat here with another post!  And today is Veteran's Day!  I love Veteran's Day for two reason's. One, my Papa is a Veteran!  And two, It is also his Birthday!  Sadly he is no longer with us, but the good news is he is in the happiest place, Heaven!  He was a Vietnam Army Veteran.  He served for three year's.  He was also a Sargent, and a expert Sharp Shooter!

 He used to tell me funny stories from when he was in the Army.  One story was about him and a few friend's, they we're a few guys sitting outside on a wall and there was a Coke Machine.  He said back then Coke was 5 cents.  And the guys sitting on the wall would place a empty Coke Bottle in the machine, to make it look like someone left their Coke there.  So then my Papa said he dove for the Coke bottle before anyone else could get it, only to find it was empty!  So then he turned around to see a couple of guys laughing their head's off.  Then he laughed and put it back in the machine and got his Coke and joined them on the wall to watch the next person fall for it, true story!

  This other story he told me was not true, but it's still funny!  He said he was sleeping and two MASSIVE bug's came up to him while he was sleeping and the one bug said to the other bug, should we eat him here or take him outside? Then the other bug said let's eat him here, some of the other bigger bugs might take him.

 He told me lot's of stories!  He also has been through a lot while he was there.  And he had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when he came home.

  I will share one more quick story with you.  It wasn't funny at the time but it was funny a few day's later!  It happened about two and a half year's ago. There was a really bad lighting storm, and I went out on the back porch to see if it was raining and my Papa was behind me, and all of the sudden, this HUGE crack of lighting came out of nowhere!  And as I was running into the house, I nearly knocked him over!  The crack of lighting really scared him, I didn't know it at the time but because of his PTSD, the loud noise reminded him of being in the war.

Lot's of Veteran's suffer from this, and it is very sad!  Here is an Army picture of my Papa!  Also, comment down below if one of you're family member's we're in the war and what Branch! 


  1. Omg cc thats sooooooooooooo sweet to post a pic of your grandpa! I don have anyone in the army that I personally know but my great uncle was in the navy i think