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Movie Review!: Miracles From Heaven

Hey everyone! Graciepopstar91 here! Im EXTREMELY sorry that I haven't been posting lately! Any who, today, Im going to be doing a Movie Review! A few nights ago, me and my family watched an amazing movie thats also a true story. Its called Miracles From Heaven. Heres my review!


Graciepopstar91's Movie Review: 

Main Characters: Christy Beam (Jenifer Garner), Annabel Beam (Kylie Rodgers), Angela (Queen Latifah), Doctor (Eugenio Derbez) 

Description: Annabel Beam is a ten year old girl with a big love for God. But then one day, she got very ill in the middle of the night. She kept getting sick a lot it seemed. So her parents take her to the doctor. The doctor just says she's "lactose intolerant" (allergic to milk). Annabel's parents seem to be unsure of this, but seemed to agree. Annabel stays away from having anything with milk in it, but it doesn't seem to be helping. One night she has so much pain, her parents have to take her to the hospital. There they say it was a "severe case of acid reflex" but Annas mom, Christy Beam, does not believe that. And finally the doctor says it is probably not acid reflex. Im having a hard time remembering, but there I do not think he reveals the true problem. Anna gets released from the hospital, but has to be fed by a tube because her stomach cannot digest stuff. Later in the movie, Christy decides to take her daughter to Boston to see a very good doctor. Her husband stays back with Annas two sisters. At the hospital in Boston, Christy and Anna don't have an appointment to see the doctor. The lady at the desk really wants them to see the doctor, but she just got the job and doesn't want to loose it. So they can't get in. That night, they go to a restaurant. Anna can't eat, so she can only get water. She accidentally knocks over the cup, and thats when she meets Angela. A sweet lady who cleans up the spilled water. Anna and her mom start talking about taking a tour around Boston. And Angela decides to take them on the tour. So a day or so later, they take a tour with her! In the middle of the tour, Christy gets a call from the hospital in Boston. They had a cancelation! So the next day, they go and the doctor seemed to be very nice. The doctor always wore an Elmo tie, and was going to give it to a patient if he was able to cure them. The doctor was a great help, but they had to stay in the hospital ALOT. But one day, she met a girl named Hailey. I believe she had cancer. Annabel always wears a cross necklace, and before she had to go into testings had to take it off. The doctor hung it on a little thing near her IV bag. Hailey once asked why she wanted her cross near her. She told her it reminds her that Jesus is with her. Hailey asked if Annabel thinks Jesus is with her. Anna said yes. Then Hailey asked a surprising question. She asked if Anna was afraid to die. Anna said sometimes, but she knows Jesus is with her. That seemed to make Hailey less afraid. Then one day, Anna finally got released out of the hospital! She wasn't fully healed, but she was a little better. One day Annas sister wanted her to climb a tree with her. She did, and when they got to the top- 

Scroll down a lot for spoilers.... Hehe

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And when they got to the top... The tree branch was starting to break! Annas sister was freaking out. Anna starting climbing over to the middle of the tree, and there seemed to be a little space with tree, but suddenly it broke through! Anna fell down and down the center of the tree! Annas sister burst into tears and quickly went down the tree calling for her Mom, Christy. She told her that Anna fell in! Firetrucks came in quickly. Anna had been in the tree for 3 hours! A firefighter got lowered down in the middle of the tree to try and get Anna. Anna got lifted out of the tree, and didn't even look like herself. She had lots of scars. But when she got to the ground, they found out she was still breathing. She got a helicopter ride to the hospital, and there the doctor told her parents something... Something... Shocking. It seemed that Anna was perfectly fine with no broken bones or anything! And a while later, Anna was playing in the front yard as happy as can be. And because of Annas condition, she was very bloated all the time. But then one day, she could fit into normal pants and was no longer bloated at all. Christy was thrilled. And Anna told her something shocking. She said "he told me I would be okay." Christy looked at her confused. "Who told you that?" Christy, Anna, and Christy's husband (Annas Dad) sat outside wanting to know what she meant when she said "He told me I would be okay" Anna tells them that in the tree, she seemed to have slipped out of her body. She could see it but she wasn't in it... Then she saw a butterfly.. And when she touched it, she seemed to go to a whole new world filled with beauty. She went to Heaven! And in Heaven, God told her that she needed to come back on Earth, and when she went back she would be totally healed. And she was. Her parents were completely shocked. 
 They took her to see the doctor that was helping them in Boston. While Anna was outside, the doctor and Christy discussed what happened. And it seemed that when she fell inside, she hit her head just right and it healed her! Of course the Beam family knows that it could only have been a miracle. But the doctor wouldn't say that. But he did take of his Elmo tie, and gladly gave it to Christy. It was a moment so sweet and heartfelt.
In church, Christy shares Annas story. And someone in the audience thinks its a lie and Christy just wants publicity. But Hailey's Dad is in the audience! He says that she is not lying. But he also says that... Hailey died..... But from Anna and Hailey's conversation, Hailey was peaceful and was filled with Jesus! 

My rating: 9/10 

What the movie is rated: PG 

Cons: Some elements can get a little frightening like when she fell in the tree. 


Sorry my description was so long. I have just been dying to tell someone about the movie! And I guess I got a little carried away... 

I hope you enjoyed my Movie Review! 

Heres todays Bible verse! 

Deuteronomy 6:5

And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.

Remember, God made YOU! 

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  1. I heard about this movie, it looks pretty good, i want to see it