Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why You Should Never Trade Diamonds For Gems, And Why I Think Its Unfair.

Hey, Jammer's!  CoolCat here with another post!  And today, I wanted to talk about why you should never trade diamonds for gems.  I know for some it might be pretty obvious, but I just thought it would make a great blog topic!  So lets get started!

First let's look at you're options for trading diamonds for gems.
One Diamond for 1,000 gems.
Four Diamonds for 5,000 gems.
Seven Diamonds for 10,000 gems.
And lastly, Ten Diamonds for 15,000 gems.

The first reason is pretty obvious.  Gems are way more accessible than diamonds! You have a 13 out of 16 chance of getting gems, rather than diamonds or a mystery prize on the daily spin. You can also get gems in many more ways than you can diamonds.
You basically only have two different ways to earn diamonds.  If you're a member, you can get one each Tuesday.  You can also earn them on the daily spin.  There must be at least four easy ways to get gems, just thinking off the top of my head.

Another reason, is the most desirable items in the game cost diamonds.  That's where the most popular animals are sold.  Along with awesome dens, cool themed clothing items, and neat den items!  Plus that's where the most popular pets are sold.  Along with cool music.

And now for why I think the option to trade diamonds for gems is a unfair trade off.  Just like all the reasons above, AJHQ hasn't even released a new gem animal since December 2013.  And AJHQ hasn't released a new gem den that I can even think of!  Well, other than the waterpark den.  But they don't even consistently release it every summer.  The only consistent released gem items are clothing, and den items.

I feel AJHQ consistently releases gem clothing and den items for a reason.  Most Jammer's I come across now a days don't play adventures like they used to.  And that is a major source of gems. Therefore, that automatically drops the amount of gems a Jammer would have, if they played adventures.  And it takes lots of time, patience, and skills to build up lots of gems from arcade games. They usually don't give out many gems at all.  And with AJHQ constantly releasing new, and cool gem clothing and den items, obviously you want to buy them.  So then if you're out of gems and need quick gems, the first thing that comes to mind is the diamond to gem trade off.

So if you have 18 diamonds and decide to do a 10 diamond trade off for 15,000 gems, you will have 8 diamonds left. But just a week later there is a new update!  And on the front page there is an announcement of a new animal! But you go to buy one, and you see you only have 9 diamonds. Assuming you're a member, you earned one diamond from being a member. So if this is the outcome,  you have three choices.

 One, regret the diamond to gem trade off.
Two, buying diamonds with you're own money.
Or three, Asking your parents.

With any luck, you have money saved up.  Or you're birthday, or a holiday might be coming up, or you got a good report card and you're parents decide to buy it for you.  If you do have any luck with option two or three, the gem to diamond trade off unfairness has been completed.  Here's how:

AJHQ releases cool and exciting den and clothing items. And you fall in love with them! So naturally you buy all the ones you like. Then you see you're short on gems. If you're in need of gems, and don't want to play arcade games, or you don't have any rares to recycle for gems, or do adventures. Doing the gem to diamond trade off seems to be the best option at the moment.  So then assuming you do that, and with the scenario above, the unfair trade off from AJHQ has been complete.

Plus, almost every other update brings, or at least hints of something new to the diamond shop.  So obviously, that gets everybody hyped up.  A new diamond shop animal, den, or pet brings anticipation and excitement.  Especially if AJHQ gave a teaser on their Instagram Account.

So there you have it, Jammer's!  Why I feel the diamond to gem trade off is unfair/not a good idea.

Just a disclaimer:  I'm not saying all non-diamond items are lame, uncool, or not desirable.  There are also very cool gem animals, dens, and pets too! This post is in no way shape or form to be offensive or making fun of non-member animal, dens, pets, somebody that has done the diamond to gem trade off, or anything else.  And this also isn't making fun of people who have fallen into this trap before. This was just a warning, so people don't fall into this trap.  Thank you for you're understanding!

As always.  Bye, Jammer's!  And ~Jam On!~

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