Monday, October 17, 2016

2,000 VIEWS! Rare Item Monday! Best One This Month? And An Animal Jam Halloween Game!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Before I continue, when I logged in to make a post, I saw that I have just over 2,000 page views! I just want to thank all of my loyal viewers of my blog! It means so much to me! It keeps me wanting to post to the best of my ability, and give you guys great posts! I'm not sure if I will do something to celebrate, but if I do I will let you guys know ASAP! But I just want to give you one big last thank you! Lets keep on Jamming!

But before I get to todays Rare Item Monday I just want to say sorry for no posts last week! I was really busy last week. We are busy this week to, but I will try my best to get at least a few posts out there. Thanks for you're understanding! Now lets get onto todays Rare!

Todays Rare Item Monday was in the first place I checked, yet again. That was a nice surprise! But anyways.

 Todays rare is the Rare Pirate Sword!
 It is located in Jam-Mart Clothing.
 It is for sale on the ninth page in the Clothing Shop.
 It is for sale for 600 gems and is Non-Member!
The color scheme is purple and orange.

I really love todays rare! And I think its awesome that its Non-Member! The color scheme really work well together. So that's nice!  The price seems just right also. Not to low or high. Since the original Pirate Sword colors are sought after items, I wouldn't be surprised if these jumped in rarity! Make sure you buy extra just in case! Make sure you pick one up today before they are gone!

Now, lets get onto the Animal Jam Halloween Game! My idea was to count how many phantoms, or items with phantom pictures or drawings I could find in Jamaa! And I would have a poll and let you guys guess the right answer!  Each Phantom you find will be a Phantom Point! Here are the game rules below!:

Phantom Hunt Rules: What DOES NOT count as a Phantom Point:
1. Items in the shops. Clothing OR Den items.
2. The Phantom Vortexes.
3. Anything you have to do to make Phantoms appear. Like in The Temple Of Zios.
4. Any Phantom in parties.
5. Any Phantom in Adventures, or Adventure Base Camp.

What DOES count as a Phantom Point:
1. Regular Phantoms you may find.
2. Any item that is NOT in a shop with a phantom on it.
3. Anything seasonal Phantoms.

Plus here in more about my game so you can understand! Every Phantom you find will count as a Phantom Point. Anything with a Phantom design or drawing on it counts as well. I will have a poll with different answers on it and you have to guess the right one! I did not exclude any world from this game. So Phantoms can be anywhere. Be sure you check EVERYWHERE!  The Poll will end October 28th.  You can either blindly guess or you can hunt for them you're self with you're friends! But trust me, finding them with you're friends will be way more fun! Once you have answered on the poll comment down below!  There also will NOT be a prize given out for this. It's just for fun! Lock in you're answer as soon as you can though. You might be the first person with the right answer! I also want to thank Gracie, Kara, Frozen, Arctic, and Happy for joining me on finding all the Phantoms! Thanks guys! You were a huge help! Good luck, and Happy Hunting!

As always. Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

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