Monday, November 7, 2016

Rare Item Monday! + Its November!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Its Monday yet again, which means items time for another Rare Item Monday. I have not had a story of ''Find The Rare'' in awhile. If you enjoy those, well, you're in for a treat! So to start off...

Since the Rare's have been in Jam-Mart Clothing the past few weeks that's where I went first. But it wasn't there. Nothing, zero, nada. So then I went to Jam-Mart Furniture. But before I started looking I thought: I could be here forever looking! So then I remembered I can look on the Daily Explorer to see what the Rare was. So I looked and was able to see that it would most likely be sold in Epic Wonders. And it was! So after that sort of long story that I thought would be short, lets get to it!

Todays rare is the Rare Zios Mask. It is located in Coral Canyons Epic Wonders. It is on the 4th page in the clothing section of Epic Wonders. It is for sale for 4,500 gems and it is members only. The color scheme is yellow/gold and tan.

This might not make sense, but I'll try and explain it the best I can. I feel this item is very overpriced. Almost to the point where its not worth it. But you should buy one anyways. Here's why I say that:

First of all, I checked to see what it recycles for and it recycles for 4,475 gems. Only 25 gems less then what you paid for. So if you have to recycle it for any reason, you're not really losing out on any gems.

Second of all, the colors are very nice. And you could basically use this item for almost any look, style, or theme. And I find its hard to find items like that. So this item could be used as a backup staple item. If that makes sense. If you decide to get one, make sure you get one today!

Also I just wanted to say Happy November! Its my favorite time of the year! I can't wait to see all the Christmas lights, hear Christmas music, and see decorations! But lets not forget the true meaning of Christmas though. The birth of Jesus!

Before I ended this post, I also wanted to say that I may be able to put up one or two more posts up this week, other then just this one. I'll try my best to get those up for you guys!

As always. Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

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