Thursday, December 1, 2016

25 Days Of Blogmas! Day 1 + Info + Christmas Tree With Cats!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I'm sorry for not posting for a few weeks. Last month was super busy with Thanksgiving. Plus my internet went out for a few days! But I'm coming back with a bang this month!

 You guys are probably wondering about 25 Days Of Blogmas. Well, on TV there is ''25 Days Of Christmas'' Some people on YouTube may do ''25 Days Of Vlogmas'' So I thought, why not do 25 Days of Blogmas! I have been thinking about this idea honestly since about October. I didn't say anything to anybody because I wasn't sure if I was going to do it. But I decided to try it out! So basically what 25 Days Of Blogmas is, is that I will post everyday until Christmas! The posts will be Christmas related. So I will put all Animal Jam posts, other then RIM posts on hold until after Christmas.

I have a bunch of mixed ideas in store that I can't wait to share and use! If this turns out well, this will be something I do yearly! So since today is December first, I should get on with day 1!

Day 1 of 25 Days Of Blogmas will be about having a Christmas Tree, with cats! As some of you may know, I have 4 cats. And that can cause a problem when we bring in the Christmas Tree. So I will be telling you how that is like. Plus if you have cats and have problems with them jumping in the tree, I have some tips that also might help!

So first of all, last year we had to take our tree down because our cats kept jumping in it. So this year we thought, no we are reclaiming our Christmas Tree! So as soon as we brought out the bins that had our tree, our cats knew what was going on. When we started to set it up, my one cat kept jumping in it. So to stop that habit I squirted him with water. And we had to keep that up until he learned. He still hasn't fully learned but he will sometime... All of our cats had to be squirted at least once. But some of them learned before others.

 I know that may sound extreme, and even mean. But its for their safety as well. They could tip the tree over and hurt themselves, or get caught in the cords. If something like that happened, somebody would most likely hear the noise, even at night. But you can't count on that 100%. So its very important they learn to stay out of the tree. Even if it means squirting you're fur babies with water.

As for the night time... We thought the tree we be safe since they got squirted. Yeah, we were wrong. We woke up to the tree lights not turning on. We thought they were broke, but one of the cats just unplugged the cords. So the next night we covered the bottom of the tree in sheets. It helped a tiny bit. The only other thing we could do was lock the two trouble makers up during the night. But that's sort of impossible with four cats. As they like to run around the house at night with their ''Cat Buddies''

We stopped using the sheet at night because they are not in the tree like they were before. But we do have to keep the squirt bottle handy.

I hoped you enjoyed the first day of 25 Days Of Blogmas!  Make sure you check back everyday for a new Christmas post! I hope you're as excited for this month as I am!

As always. Bye, Jammers! And ~Jam On!~


  1. Good tip! If I had cats, I would use this tip around Christmas! ;)

  2. XD We have two cats, but we don't do a Christmas tree, but sometimes Our little cat Fire will try to get into the plants and flowers we set up in spring!
    *King Tough BUnny