Wednesday, December 14, 2016

25 Days Of Blogmas Day 14 / What You *Probably* Have On You're Christmas List!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! And I'm back with day 14 of 25 Days Of Blogmas! Whew, its been two weeks of Blogmas already! My, my, time sure is flying this December! I'm sorry I have been posting late. I've been running out of ideas! This is the last planned Blogmas idea that I have. I will still keep going with Blogmas, but I don't know what I will post about! But lets not worry about that now, because today I have a skit like post for you. I will explain more before I start, just so you understand.

So for todays post I will be naming different types of people. For example, like a book worm, or a athlete, ect. And I will be naming the things that those types of people *probably* have on their Christmas wish list!

Note, this isn't meant to offend anyone in anyway, this is just for fun! I'm not saying if you're in one category, you can't like things in another category, again this is just for fun! So lets get started with the two examples I listed above!!

1. The book worm- You probably have you're favorite book series on you're list this year, along with a small lamp for night time reading!

2. The athlete- You probably have much needed sports equipment on you're list this year, maybe even a seasonal sports group or camp trip!

3. The Beauty guru- You probably have you're favorite brands of new makeup products on you're list, or cosmetic tools like brushes, a stand up mirror, or a brush holder!

4. The fashionista-You probably have that purse you have been seeing at the mall forever on you're list, or any other pieces of you're favorite clothes or accessories!

5. The tech wiz- You probably have the newest tech items on you're list this year, or even some video games!

6. The animal lover-You probably have a pet of some sort on you're list, even though you know its very unlikely that will happen. But its worth a shot!

7. The decorator. You probably are asking to redecorate you're bedroom! Weather that means painting you're room a new color, a new bed spread, new furniture, or all of the above!

8. The artist- You are probably asking for more art supplies, maybe even a complete art set!

9. The fangirl- If you're favorite artist is on tour, you probably have tickets and their merch on you're list this year, along with anything made by them or with their name on it!  Such as perfume, non merch clothing, posters, books, phone cases, or  key chains! Plus, you probably have the actual artist on you're list! Just for laughs.

10. The music lover- You probably have a radio or speaker on you're list! You may even have a record player on you're list! Along with CDS or an iTunes gift card!

11. The self shopper- You probably have a hard time making a Christmas list, or like to shop for yourself. So you probably have gift cards or cash on you're list this year!

12. The foodie.-You probably have requests to take a trip to you're towns newest, coolest restaurant! Along with lots of candy for you're stocking!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Did you relate to any of these? If so comment down below!!

As always. Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~


  1. I'm the animal lover,
    But I know I won't get a pet, but I have stuff like Paint it yourself Horse kit, You should look it up! Sarah got it for me for my birthday! It was REALLY fun!
    *King Tough Bunny