Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Opinion On The New Cougars!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I have decided to try out a new posting idea. I have decided to pick one thing out of each update to talk about! I figured since everyone will have probably seen the update before I can post on it, this would be a better idea! That way you can know what I think about certain parts of each update. For this weeks update I will be talking about the Cougars! Lets get started!

How it looks:

 Gracie and I talked briefly about it looking like a house cat, and when I saw it for myself I agreed! It really does look like a large house cat. At first I thought it looked a bit too large, but after awhile it looked just right.

How its actions are:

 When I went through all of the cougars actions, it made me believe even more that AJHQ just made a house cat instead of a cougar. The way it sleeps and plays is so cute! The dance action on this animal is probably the best one yet. AJHQ definitely outdid themselves with all the actions!

Next I'll do a review on how the most used, and most popular clothing items look on the cougars.

How clothing items look on it:

Tail Armor: The cougars tail is not very big, so it kind of looks odd on the cougar, but not terrible. I think its still wearable.

Party Hat: The party hat looks a tad bit small on the cougar, but it looks nice! Other then the size difference, it looks fine.

Top Hat: Again like with the party hat, the top hat is a tad bit smaller on the cougar as well. But it still looks fine. This goes for the Founders Hat as well.

Jamaaliday Bow: The size to me looks the same on the cougar then any other animal. It looks really cute on the cougar I think!

Bow and Arrow: The size seems rather large on the cougar, but they look great! I feel the cougar will be used for role playing in the forest.

Worn Blanket: The worn blanket looks really nice on the cougar as well. Its not very easy to see, but it still looks good.

Fox Hat: The fox hat is very, very large on the cougar. It doesn't look bad, but I feel it looks a tad bit large. But depending on the look you're looking for, I think it would look nice.

Gazelle Horn: The gazelle horns are a perfect size for the cougar! They look nice on the cougar.

Mech Angle Helmet: Like the gazelle horns, this item is the perfect size for the cougar. It looks very nice on. \

(Tiki) Mask: This again is the perfect size for the cougar. Its not oversized or real small. It looks good on the cougar.

Headdress: The headdress is also the perfect size for the cougar. It looks very nice on the cougar, I'm sure you could make some great looks with a headdress!

Now what I'm sure you all have been waiting for...

Spike Collar and Wrist: Considering how spikes have looked on pervious animals, they look really good on the cougar. It doesn't sit oddly on the cougar or anything. I think spikes look great on the cougar.

And that's it for my review! This is the post I had halfway finished in my drafts, and I was finally able to finish it today! I may do this  review with other animals, new and old, so comment down any other animal you would like me to do a clothing item, and general review on!

 I will still do a general review on the animal and talk about its actions, but I'm figuring the item review will be what people want to hear about more. Also I figured that the general review and action review on old animals won't really be needed, but if you feel otherwise let me know! And comment any items you want me to review on another animal. If I have that item, I'll add it to my next review!

P.S I hope you enjoyed this long post! I hope it makes up for only posting about RIM rares these past few weeks! Get ready for more frequent, longer posts! :)

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

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